Saturday, January 24, 2009

Which Way Did He Go

I love flying geese, the real ones and the ones that dance across our quilts, so when I found this pattern it was a must for last years Stash Busters Club. Jackie & took turns making the projects for Stash Busters and each month it was my turn I would tag that for someone's birthday or Christmas present. This one is finally finished, did the last stitch on the binding last night while watching CSI (tivo'd). I'll be giving this to Trish (second Saturday girl) for her birthday, I know you're wondering if she'll read this post before I give it to her, nope, can't even shame her into reading any blogs not even mine. This morning after she unwraps it I'll let her know that y'all got to see it first. While figuring out a name for this quilt I didn't what to simply call it Trish's quilt so "Which Way Did He Go" sounded just right, the geese can't figure out which way the leader of the flock went.

When Andrew and I first got married he swept me off my feet and moved me from North Carolina (home) to New Hampshire. As you can tell from my previous post that I don't like the cold weather so after two years of snow, snow and more snow my wonderful new husband was able to get a job transfer to Virginia. I was in hog heaven, closer to family, back in the south and it had to be warmer. Well for the most part it's warmer except this stinkin' winter, I've been freezing my southern tush off (notice I didn't say little tush). Yesterday it actually reached 55 outside, I was like wahoooo...but alittle too much wahoo because while it was warmer then 20 it still wasn't warm. In NC if it was 55 we had on coats and hats, 45 meant gloves, and 35 meant keep your butts at home it's way to cold for man or beast. Today's weather calls for wind and temps dropping, with some possible wet cold stuff by mid-week, so expect a post next week of me complaining of the s-word (snow) and not being a happy camper about the temps.

Happy Quilting

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