Sunday, October 17, 2010


What in your mind constitutes a trend?  Do you even follow trends or just go with the flow and then end smack dab in the middle of a current trend...I get the biggest kick out of fashions that come  out of the La-De-Da fashion shows in Paris and Madrid.  We see the pictures of the stick models walking the runway and the caption reading "the newest trends"

like I'm gonna be caught dead wearing this stuff... about these...
kind of like these shoes...just think of what you can put in the bottoms....
so are you seeing the trend yet?
Kind of hard to see in the first picture but the one thing I noticed while playing around in google images was that alot of the pictures have pink in you think that pink will be the next trend in color for fabric.  Do ya think we'll see lots of fabric designers coming up with pink in the new lines?  Time will tell but in 10 days I'll be heading to the International Quilt we shall see...but in the meantime...think I'll go look for a pair of those shoes...they'd make a great place to put my snippets of thread..
so till the next time...
be kind and rewind...
Kelly Ann

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  1. I like to fill mine with iced coffee!

    Janet xox