Friday, October 15, 2010


When you're watching TV do you...A) mute the commercials? 2) blast through them because you DVR everything? C) change channels or 3) got lost when I went from A to 2?   I often have this random thoughts about the silliest things...then I wonder if anyone else out there also has these same thoughts.  So is someone reading my mind or am I reading there's....see there's another one of those thoughts.

Okay, back to the commercial thing....We DVR so much that it's rare that we actually see or listen to a whole commercial but when the Allstate Mayhem commercials come on we'll actually stop rushing through to watch and sometimes even re-watch, why do you think this is?  are we crazy? have a sick sense of humor? or are these commercials so silly that we can't turn away.   Years ago we were avid NASCAR fans, if we weren't at a race we were watching them on TV...back in the late 90's they had the best commercials, so much so that we'll catch ourselves still quoting a few.  But now, the commercials are so loud we mute them, or just plain dumb that we'll ignore, most I don't even know what they're trying to sell me.

So tell you watch commercials?  and if so do you have a favorite that I just need to see...

okay folks....see ya around the monkey farm...
Kelly Ann


  1. Kelly Ann - you are lucky to have a dvr. My daughter tells me we are in the dark ages because we still tape things. LOL depends. If we are trying to watch two shows at once, we watch the one we like most, then flip during commercials to the other.
    Or, if hubby is in charge of the remote, he flips every time commercials come on...unless he has dozed off. :-)
    If I'm watching by myself, I usually just let the commercials run. Some of them ARE so out there, ya can't figure out quite what they are selling. Its crazy.
    If we tape a show, we for sure zip thru the commercials.

    Favorite? Hmm, I know I have one, but it's early and I can't think of it right now. I might get back to you later. I do know, that the Super Bowl commercials with the draft horses are my favorite all time ones.

  2. FF through most but will stop for one we know makes the dog oof and run around. When someone sends me a link to a vid online, like the Geico squealing pig ad, and the dog reacts to it then we'll stop for it. Love my DVR but, apparently, we are susceptible to viral ads.


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