Tuesday, August 31, 2010


I think it's funny that weather is one of those things that everyone has in common but can never agree on which exactly is perfect.  I'm fickle when it comes to the weather, while I enjoy the hot dry heat of Las Vegas laying by a swimming pool reading my book...

I also enjoy the crisp air of fall, with the leaves changing into beautiful colors of red, yellow and orange, you can almost smell the apple cidar warming on the stove...

and I like spring time, while not as much as summer and fall, it is still beautiful to watch all the trees and flowers return to green.  Now winter is a subject that can really get people all riled up...Now let me backtrack here...I grew up most of my life in a small town in North Carolina, where when it snowed you stayed home, period, no questions asked, why, because we didn't have snow removal equipment in eastern NC.  I can remember many a Christmas day that it was too warm to wear the new sweater I got from Santa, so I was pretty use to mild winters.  So in 1995 when I married Andrew and he swept me off my feet to New England (see picture above) I had no idea on what I was getting into...125+ inches of snow my first winter..yikes...but I soon learned to shovel the driveway every two hours and not just push the snow but to lift it into the yard, to make room for the other million of snowflakes yet to fall.  Okay, back on track now, so I'm driving in my car (what a great line from a great song) today and across the radio I hear... The Farmers' Almanac, which came out Monday, is predicting this winter will be colder than last year.
Editor Pete Geiger says this winter, D.C., Maryland, and Virginia should prepare for "a cold slap in the face."
Geiger is predicting some snow in December, but big storms Jan. 16 and 19, 2011 and in mid-February.
and all I could think was...YOU HAVE GOT TO BE KIDDING ME...I'm sitting in the car with the a/c blasting and they're talking about a colder then last year winter...dang, we're having a hotter then last years summer...
So with that news I leave you to think about this...what is your favorite kind of weather...and do you have the same saying where you live that we do...if you don't like the weather just hang around a bit cause it's sure to change...

 Later Gators...
see ya on the flip side..
Kelly Ann


  1. My, but you are a chatty one today. I'm ready for fall and a snowy winter. I love it all!

    Janet xox

  2. LOL at Janet's comment - I do love your chatter though!
    I am in shock - last year was a record snow fall in Bethesda! It sounds like it is going to be worse this year - yicks!!!!!!! And that mean for your too! yikes!!!!!! I have to get the Almanac and see what is predicted for our area.

  3. I grew up in Upstate NY (Rochester) and we had HUGE snow falls there. My parents were from Maine - the 2 times we had to go there in winter (for the funerals of my grandmothers) there was so much snow piled SO high - I'd never seen anything like that before! So what we had last winter was nuthin - except we had to wait for a farmer to plow our driveway....but I love the snow! I love Autumn also - the beautiful colors make me so happy!

    Of course, with Autumn and winter come the shorter days - I don't handle THAT so well....but - as long as I have stuff to keep me busy and I'm creative, I'm good! :-)

    As for the cold - I'd rather be cold than hot - we can always add clothing - once you reach a certain level of undress, you can't do it anymore! I'm for the cold more than the heat - you just have to be prepared! LOL

    So bring on cooler weather. Besides, this summer, I've been eaten alive by mosquitoes, my dogs and cat (indoor) have all had a bad case of fleas, and the horse flies are eating my horses alive and driving them crazy. I don't have to deal with any of that stuff when it's cold!

    The funniest part of your blog story is that you said they closed everything down in NC when it snowed. I don't remember EVER missing school in NY when I was growing up - those people know how to clear it, and drive in it!

    This year will be even better for me too - I only started quilting this past Spring; and, my daughter is expecting my first grandchild Dec 26. As long as she is safe and can get to the hospital, I'm good! Bring it on!!!! :-)

  4. Gosh, I'm chattier than you are Kelly Ann! LOL Sorry!

  5. Martha...you crack me up...but I did want to point out to Janet that I'm not the only chatty Cathy in the group...

  6. Martha needs to start a blog...she sounds like a lady with a lot to say ;-)

    I love it!

    Janet xox

  7. Nevermind...she has a blog!!




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