Monday, May 24, 2010

Kimberly Einmo Jelly Roll Quilts & More

Want a sneak peek on one of the books we ordered at Quilt Market????  Wanna meet the really nice lady that wrote the book???

Meet Kimberly Einmo....I really think she's our new BFF.  If y'all wanna get to know Kimberly better take a click over to her blog ....wait...not this minute...finish reading this post first...duh!!  Kimberly was so stinkin' nice to put up with us, we were laughing so hard that getting a really good picture of the three of us was almost impossible...but at least we were having a blast.

Jelly Roll Quilts & More is packed with great quilts, recipes and some fun tips...and here's the sneak peak I promised...

doesn't this quilt look like it would be a fun one to make...and that's just a small little peak...once the books arrive in the store we'll make sure y'all find out...and better yet...give us a call next week and we'll put you down for one....

I'll be back in the store on Wednesday...
see y'all then...
Kelly Ann

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  1. Hey, Kelly Ann - one of my new BFF's! So great to meet you both at market - we had a blast! You two are just awesome. I'm so glad y'all hung out at the AQS booth so I could get to know you better.... :-)

    I'll get on the ball and get my blog updated and link back to yours. Hopefully by tomorrow....I haven't even unpacked yet!