Thursday, May 13, 2010

Do you Idol?

So are you an Idol fan or a Dancing fan?'s all about American Idol.  It started several years ago watching the auditions, they were really cracking me up and then you get hooked watching the whole show cause you just have to see how far that wackie biniki girl gets.  Then you go thorough the top 24, then top 12, do we even remember anyone from the top 24 that got kicked out when it was widdled down to 12?  For the past several years I've called in every week, voting several times for my favorite, and yes I did pick Taylor Hicks to win, but that was so many years ago...anyway I'm not voting this year, well I did vote the other night but for the most part there isn't anyone that rocks my boat like in previous years.  I do like Lee this year and Crystal should have already had a contract but Casey is just mind boogling.  While Casey is cute, with his blue eyes and long blonde hair I just do see him much of an idol.  So we're down to three and I'm keeping my fingers crossed that next week when we're down to two that it'll be Lee & who do you want to win?? 

I've got some fun things coming soon to the blog so make sure you keep checking in....also, next Wednesday Jackie & I take off to the skies and head to Minneapolis for this years Spring Quilt Market and you know what that means...yep, goofy pictures and some fun stories....and with the group I'm hooking up with there are sure to be some wild post!

until then...
see ya later...gator...
Kelly Ann


  1. I loved the Crystal and Lee duet...they should both win ;-)

  2. I have watched it off and on through the season (through half shut eyes...)
    I am for Lee. You are funny! Having never been to Q Mkt. - yes I am going and I can hardly stand it - wouldn't be nice to hook up. I will look for you.

  3. I think Casey should have been kicked off 10 shows ago!!!! I live in MN but am not going to quilt market - not sure if I can since I don't own a shop. But I do plan on going to the MN Quilter's show in June in St. Cloud - always a great show and great vendors! Lisa


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