Wednesday, December 3, 2008

Decorating for Christmas

I love to decorate at Christmas. Opening the boxes that we packed away last year bring back lots memories, mostly because I forget year to year what we have. The tree is up, the outside wreath is on the house and the stick trees are in the yard but the boxes still are in the basement and need to come up to start the decking of halls.

We did decorate the windows at the last week and from the colors we used you can tell who had a hand in that. Think "The Grinch", I just love the green of The Grinch so I managed for find 20 yards of grinch green netting to use and I love it. I went and got some new lights for the window, using LED icicle lights is kind of strange, they don't give off the warm glow of normal icicle lights but with grinch green fabric below they have that same strange kind of Christmas feel. No big tree in the store this year, I wanted to change things up and that tree is so big and takes up loads of space.
Happy Decorating and Happy Quilting

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