Monday, June 23, 2008

Convention Update

I thought I might find time while in Texas to update everyone on the new machine but wow the time flew by. Okay, so the cat is out of the bag, the new Husqvarna Viking machine is yes, indeed, the Designer Diamond and what a gem it is. The size of the machines blows everyone else out of the water. Go see for yourself, let me know what you think.

The trip started off bad, 5 1/2 hour wait for the plane, got into bed at 3:00 Texas time, which is 4:00 est, once we got out of bed Sunday it was non stop till we stepped off the plane on Thursday afternoon. Along the way I managed a cold, flying with a cold is not fun.

Now back to quilting, I actually get to be back on the long-arm on Thursday, and I'm almost done with my flip flop quilt, wow that one has taken me a long time to get done, keeping my fingers crossed I'll have it done by the 4th of July.
happy quilting

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