Sunday, August 24, 2008


We did it, finally a real vacation, away from home and the store for five days. Actually away from the store for 9 days, did some days home to rest from the days of laying by the pool. We arrived in Las Vegas on Monday afternoon and after dropping our bags at the MGM Grand Motel we heading over to The Border Grill located by the shark tank at Mandalay Bay. We've been to Vegas 9 times and the last three we made several visits to The Border Grill. So we're on our way chatting about how we can't wait to have a nice cold mojito when we approach the enterence to the resturant we find it's under renovations, holy crap, but way, they're still open but you have to go downstairs to enter, wahooo. We had a couple of drinks and Andrew had the best fish tacos, my dinner was great, but for the life can't remember the name but just so you know it was wonderful. We were up and out of the room by 7 each morning, trying to stay on east coast time. We had coffee by the pool, I read three books, we slathered ourselves with SPF 30 and besides a few new freckels no sun burn or tan. On Wednesday we went to Mesa Grill over at Caesars. Mesa Grill was opend by Bobby Flay of FoodTV, what an awsome lunch. The drinks were out of this world, I had a mojito and a margarita straight up,wow. For lunch Andrew had the fish tacos and I had chicken with a spicy peanut sauce. Because I've watched so much of Bobby Flay over the years that Andrew said his black beans taste just like mine and that the margarita was just like his, so I guess we're doing something right. On Thursday we had lunch at Wolfgang Pucks place at MGM, while it was good it wasn't as great as Flay's place.

So we're back home, the girls are home (and bathed) and we trying to get back on east coast time. My brain still needs a re-charging, thought the laying by the pool would do it but I still need some fresh ideas for the store. Fall Quilt Market is coming in October so I'm sure that will help but for now I guess I'll head over to Borders Books and take a look at some magazines to find some inspiration.
happy quilting

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