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Quilt Market - It's a Wrap

The last day of market is typically spent running around checking the last bit off of my to-do would have really helped if I had brought the list with me to the convention center instead of leaving it on the coffee table.

I remembered a few things...I forgot a few things...but all in all I'm bringing back some really cool stuff for the shop.

I wanted to share these pictures with everyone doing the Sunshine Girls...I thought this was a stinkin cute way to add them to a quilt. A fun monthly kit of the month from Adornit that included the pattern, fabric, and buttons from Just Another Button Company.

The ultimate love store...Princess Leia and Han Solo. These panels from Camelot Fabrics will be coming soon to KAQ.

The quilts in this booth were so stinkin' cute I just had to share.

This booth is Kathy Cardiff's...and it was loaded with samples from her A Cottage Garden book. The book is available in the store and online. Not primitive and not bright, a great word to…
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Quilt Market - Friends

One of my favorite things about Quilt Market...

Wrap up post coming soon

Until Next Time
Be Kind

Kelly Ann


Quilt Market - Day 2

Twelve Thousand Steps...

The quilt display at Spring Market is much smaller than fall, but this Jane caught my eye, and I knew y'all would love it.

I'll show more fun quilt market fun tomorrow.

Until Next Time
Be Kind

Kelly Ann


Quilt Market - Day 1

Day 1 ... doesn't everyone start the day with a blue cow selfie?

WOW...lots of fun stuff to see and I did not break out the phone to take any pictures.

BUT...I did manage to hit the Sue Spargo booth...
can you say

This thread is a 12wt 2ply, 50/50 Wool/Acrylic Blend. Perfect for all the wool workers out there and will also be beautiful on hand embroidery. An added bonus, you can use this thread in the machine.

I'm hitting the floor in a few minutes, and I promise to take pictures today.

Until Next Time
Be Kind

Kelly Ann


Quilt Market - Schoolhouse Day

image courtesy Susan 

Schoolhouse day is full of listening to some of the industry leaders tell us all about their newest latest must have's for our stores...this year was so different than previous years. We sat and listened to vendor after vendor telling us how to make the customers experience to reach the to educate the customer...needless to say I took a bunch of notes and am excited to see how I bring these new ideas back to the shop.

A quick sandwich between sessions and by 3:45 I was done. The brain was full...
image courtesy
While everyone else was finishing up the schoolhouse sessions that end at 6pm or setting up their booths, Penni and I headed to the Stir Lounge for an afternoon adult beverage.

A Kelly Ann's Cucumber cocktail and Penni's margarita. I explained to the bartender what I wanted, and she made the most amazing drink, so this weekend it will be called the Kelly Ann's.

Sample Spree starts at 7pm, the line to …

Quilt Market - Arrived in Portland

Susan and I drove down from Seattle yesterday, but not before having a hearty breakfast with her sister.

A beautiful drive down the I-5, can't wait to tour that area next week with Andrew, found us hitting our home for the 5 days by noon. Three bedrooms, 4 designers, and 3 shop owners; let the laughs begin.

After dropping our luggage, we head to the convention center and hook up with Joanne from Fat Quarter Gypsy and Kris from Poorhouse Design to drop off a few boxes. We picked up Penni from Cabin in the Woods Quilters, Amy from Material Girls Quilt Boutique, and Phyllis from Quilting Adventures and head back to the house to drop off my luggage and find food.

AND...Find food we did.

We had a quick meal at a small Mexican restaurant and headed across the street to Blue Star Donuts.

I see another visit before we leave...
Because it's donuts for grownups...and yep...that's us.


We left our little house and drove out to Beaverton for a visit to Craft Poor House, wh…

Quilt Market - Travel Day

Spring Quilt Market changes cities every year, I love it when it's in Pittsburg, but this year is another "P" city Portland.
Most of my friends are flying out today, but I flew into Seattle last night and will drive down to Portland with Susan of Swirly Girls Design. ROAD TRIP
I always start off my trips to a visit to the airport Starbucks.

 I've been on a cold brew kick at home using the Premier Protein for my sweetener and cream. My friend Maddie posted about it on Facebook, and because I've been trying to cut down on my sugar intake and can't drink hot coffee in the morning anymore I thought, why not??? O.M.Geeeeeee I use the Stok Un-Sweet Cold Brew and vanilla Premier Protein ... did I say OMGeeeee yet??? I have to watch how much caffeine I drink daily, but if I didn't, I'm pretty sure this would replace everything I drink. The Stok is located in the grocery store by the cold juices, and the Premier Protein is normally in the section by the beaut…