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Monday, September 19, 2016

I'm Back...

I moved my blog over to my new website two years ago and I thought it was a match made in heaven..
alas it was not a relationship that was meant to be.
Don't get me wrong, I love my new website but this is where I started blogging
and I love it here so I've moved back...

Thank you to those that are stilling following me here..
and WELCOME to those that have just discovered my old/NEW blog.

I'll be back later with more..

So ...

Until Next Time
Be Kind

Kelly Ann

Tuesday, October 14, 2014

Do you see the difference?

I've been doing some serious binding...so does your needle do this? Normally I keep
on stitching with a bent needle but this time it just wasn't happening, so out came a new needle
and I was one happy camper.

This is my needle of choice for binding...it's big enough to get a few stitches on the needle but
not to small that I lose it in my fingers. The one thing that really saves my fingers when binding...

they stay on my fingers and you can use them over and over again till the sticky just gives out.

Okay...back to binding to me..Quilters Quest is just around the corner, gotta get these bindings done..

Until next time
Be Kind...

Kelly Ann

Thursday, October 9, 2014

Old blog...new twist

I want to blog...really I do but something keeps getting in the way. So I'm taking
a stand...I going to start blogging again...going to start off slow but I'M BACK.

First up..
I've been quilting, all shop stuff and mostly samples gearing up for
the upcoming shop hop, Quilters' Quest but at least I get to hear my 
machine hum. I'll be spending this weekend traveling to Pittsburgh for a wedding
and I'll be taking some binding projects on the road with me but
before I could do that I needed to pick up a few more packages of
Clover's Wonder Clips

I have several packages but I have so many projects I wanted to prep them before
hitting the road so I pre-clipped my projects.

I really wanted to grab a package of these from the shop but they are limited edition 
and didn't think it was fair that I got the pretty pink Wonder Clips, but man was it tempting.

Okay, gonna hit the road, keep watching Facebook, Instagram look for kellyannsquilting, 
Pinterest, and Twitter kellyannsquilt.

Be back soon...

Until next time
Be Kind...

Kelly Ann

Thursday, July 31, 2014

A New Winner...

I didn't hear from the winner of our OLFA giveaway so I used a random
number generator and came up with ....

PK Sews..
I am old enough to remember the days before rotary cutters, and what a difference they make! My rotary cutter has definitely improved speed and accuracy. Thanks for the chance to win these awesome supplies. I loved your video and the cute nametag photo! 

Congratulations...PK, email me your mailing address and OLFA will ship a box
directly to your door.

Thank you everyone for playing along...

Kelly Ann

Tuesday, July 22, 2014

Winner Winner Chicken Dinner

We have not ONE...but TWO winners..
and NO they aren't winning chicken dinners but something even better...

Betsy Smith wrote: I love the accuracy I can achieve with a rotary cutter. Thanks

So do we Betsy and we are excited to announce that you won the awesome box
from OLFA. Please email (kelly@kellyannsquilting.com) me your mailing address and a box will soon be on the way to you. 


Cathy Rampy won an awesome SPLASH Rotary Cutter from Kelly Ann's Quilting.
Cathy pop into the shop and pick up your new rotary cutter.

But ya know, we are all winners because 35 years ago the OLFA Rotary Cutter was introduced
and that makes us all very happy quilters.

Thank you to everyone for playing along

Until Next Time
Be Kind

Kelly Ann

Thursday, July 17, 2014

Celebrating 35 Years of the Rotary Cutter

I was so excited to receive this awesome box in the mail from Olfa...

I was even more excited to open it and discover these little treasures waiting for me...

I quickly opened up the 28mm Olfa rotary cutter and went to work trimming up
some flying geese units.

Let me show you how convenient having this little combo sitting right beside you
at your sewing table is..

Now y'all have read about my love of the Olfa company when
I blogged about the new Splash cutter and in one of my "Who Knew?" post
so it should come as no surprise when I was contacted by OLFA to write this
blog post in honor of the 35th Anniversary of the Rotary Cutter.

Here's the cool part...OLFA is giving away one box of goodies to one lucky winner from
my blog. It's easy to enter...
 Leave me a comment on this blog telling me what you love about the rotary cutter and once one
lucky winner is announced OLFA will mail you a box of goodies.

There's more...
Because I love my Splash Rotary Cutter so much I will be giving away one SPLASH rotary cutter
to one lucky winner that signs up for my weekly e-blast. Don't worry, if you already receive my
e-blast just drop me an kelly@kellyannsquilting.com and write SPLASH as the subject, we will
verify your email address and enter you to win.  

Also included in the box will be a stinkin' cute little rotary cutter lapel pin,

I thought Angie needed it to go along with her little collection on your name tag, you have to agree
that it is stinkin' cute!

The contest ends on Monday July 21, 2014

So don't forget, two contest to enter...
Win a box by leaving a comment on the blog
Win a SPLASH Rotary Cutter by signing up for my newsletter

Until Next Time
Be Kind

Kelly Ann

Tuesday, July 15, 2014

Cow Appreciation Day

If you follow our class calendar on our website you will notice that
today is Cow Appreciation Day.


Ladies going out on the town..


I just love this picture so I'm sure for no reason but that...


My friend, Kathy over at Toadmama.com calls these cows Oreo
cows...they really are Belted Galloways but if you go to Google.com/Images
and put in "oreo cow" this is what you get...love it..

So in honor of Cow Appreciation Day I think we will have chicken for dinner..

Until Next Time
Be Kind

Kelly Ann