Wednesday, November 21, 2012

Family time...

It doesn't matter if your family is like this...

 or this...

 or this...

or maybe this...

Whatever your family looks like from my family 
to yours...

Happy Thanksgiving...

Kelly Ann & Andrew

Wednesday, November 7, 2012

A Need...

It wasn't enough for the eastern coast of the US to be hit with a late
hurricane but now another storm is right on top of them.  People
in New York, New Jersey and I'm sure further up the coast are
still without electric which means they are without heat.  
Quilters are a giving group and at Kelly Ann's Quilting we
routinely have sew-ins and collections for various organizations
in our area but this time I'm putting the call out for our far-flung

My friend, Pat Sloan, did a great job posting on her blog about the quilt/blanket
collection.  Pat mentions our friend Victoria Findlay Wolfe and Victoria's
efforts in collecting not only quilts but store bought blankets.

Here is what Victoria has to say on her blog

SANDY hits our area

has devastated much of our area.
Homemade or Store Bought, ANY SIZE.
Quilts will accepted, and handed out as quickly as they come in.
We have 150 quilts being delivered Thursday or Friday of this week to the Rockaways.
Give Selflessly.
 Thank you cards will not be sent out due to the urgency of the events of SANDY.
REAL THANKS:  LABEL YOUR QUILTS, Name, address and email.
The person who receives your quilt may want to thank you themselves.
Thank you!
Send Quilts to:

Basic Housing, Inc.
Attn: Robert Gonzalez / H.SANDY
540 East 180th Street,

Bronx, NY 10457

your name, email & address

please mail them with delivery confirmation.
Any questions, Please email:
Lane Falcon
A Note from Victoria:
Super Storm Sandy and my area of the world.
Having missed the entire storm, by being in Houston for Fall Quilt Marke & Festival, I felt helpless as my family were in NYC without me. I started to organize a quilt drive for our area while I was still in Houston.
Once home, I realized how seriously the storm affected my neighborhood, my friends, and fellow New Yorkers, CT, PA and NJ… Homes have been wiped off the face of the earth, people are cold, and wet, and we have rain and snow coming. I need to be able to help NOW.
I just had a call from Raul Russi, Head of the Acacia Network, whom I had previously partnered with on  Quilt Drive for homeless families being taken out of shelters and put into transitional housing.
He said, “We have 150-200 quilts here, right now. And since the rest of my families are INSIDE already, can we deliver these quilts in our medical trucks to the people in the Rockaways, NOW?”  I said, “YES! Let’s go!”

So if you can help, PLEASE...PLEASE...send something. You may not have time
to make a quilt right now but it doesn't have to be a homemade quilt, they just need blankets to keep them warm.    

I will be sending a box up from Kelly Ann's Quilting next week,
if you'd like to drop off a quilt or blanket we'll add it to our box.

Until Next Time
Be Kind

Kelly Ann

Sunday, November 4, 2012

The Enemy of Breakfast

I am often called the enemy of breakfast in our house...
it's not that I don't like breakfast I'm just not a fan
of eating in the morning...
give me some coffee...
a small piece of cheese...
and a piece or two of fruit and I'm good till lunch.

Sunday is the one day that I'll make breakfast in the house 
for the two of us...
Andrew likes his eggs scrambled he 
actually prefers them the
this method doesn't happen often because
they take forever...and I mean forever.
I on the other hand am good with a hard boiled egg or
maybe every once in a while I'll do poached.

Grits is a must for breakfast...nothing instant for us..
I want to stir those babies then let them set up to 
get a little firm, add butter, salt & pepper and they 
are ready to eat.

Bread...we can do toast, hard crust bread or biscuits, I'd rather
have biscuits but I still haven't gotten my mothers recipe down.

Now this is where we agree..
I've cooked BACON every way you could think off, I've put
it on the grill, stove top, microwave (ugh) but I think I
have finally found the perfect method..
thanks to Dan Benjamin 
and his BACON Method
it's easy and the BACON comes out perfect..
I did find I needed to adjust the time to get it the way we like
but Dan mentions that on his BACON Method page.
Add a little fruit of your choice...

Breakfast is served..

Until Next Time
Eat More BACON

Kelly Ann

ps:  There is a reason that BACON is always in all capital letters...because it should be a food group that is included in your daily life.

Friday, November 2, 2012

Hurricane Sandy..

There's not much to be said about the monster storm that
is being called Hurricane Sandy....
there are people all along the east coast

As quilters we often spend time after a weather event trying to figure out
how we can help...
my friend, Victoria, who lives in New York City
is still in Houston but is already
organizing a quilt drive
to try to find some way to
provide comfort to so many
that have lost so much.

As soon as Victoria returns home and comes up with a plan
I'll be sharing here on my blog and on my Facebook page
so if you would like to help and have a new quilt or would like 
to make a quick and easy quilt we would be
happy to be a drop off point at Kelly Ann's Quilting
and make sure those quilts make it to New York/New Jersey.

Until Next Time
Be Kind

Kelly Ann

Thursday, November 1, 2012

Quilt Market Update...

As most of you know I had full intentions of posting
everyday of Quilt Market...well a little thing called Hurricane Sandy got 
in the way.  Flying out on Thursday I was full of hope and
excitement, wondering what I would see, hear, touch...but the conversation 
in the car on the way to the airport went something like this..."if it gets bad we'll rebook your flight".

I woke up early Friday morning in Houston ready to take the short walk
over to the convention center to add my extra seminars to my schedule but
before that I turned on the TV and it became clear that Hurricane Sandy was heading
towards the east coast and looked like our area might be in for a rough time.  
I picked up the phone right then and there and changed my ticket, so instead
of returning Monday night I was now coming home on Sunday night.  I would miss
the last, and my favorite, day of market but I could get home before the storm hit. 

Friday is our Schoolhouse Day...spending seven hours moving from room to
room...seeing...learning...and laughing.  Lots of crowded hallways, people chatting
and reconnecting, it's pretty intense but I enjoy it and always come back home
with some cool ideas.

I had planned my Saturday to walk the floor and check out the vendors and go
back on Sunday and order the new cool stuff.  So I high tailed it off
to the convention center and started right away.  Making notes on my iPad to
make sure I went back and ordered the cute scissors and needles from Scarlet Thread,
new stinkin cute patterns from Oh My Bloomin' Threads and hit a few book
signings....all of these were on my list and I knew I had time on Sunday to get it all done...but
it was not meant to be. After a fun dinner out with The Swirly Girls and a fun meet
up with the Modern Quilt Guild I checked my phone only to see it loaded down
with text and voice message from Andrew...the weather was coming in quick and
my flight was changed instead of heading out 
Sunday night I was departing first thing Sunday morning.

So my three days on the market floor changed to two days then down
to one..but ya know as disappointed as I was about that I was
glad that we made the decision to come home early.  My 
little inconvenience is nothing compared to what
the people up and down the coast line are experiencing.  I have
friends that managed to get flights out Wednesday, flying home
to New Jersey, New York and New Hampshire...they've all
made it home safe and sound.

So...I will be sitting down with my Market book, checking
websites and calling in orders...the new goodies will
start arriving and it'll feel like Christmas...

Speaking of Christmas...53 days away...
are you ready?

Until Next Time
Be Kinda

Kelly Ann

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