Thursday, July 31, 2008


Where did July go? You know the exact moment when you realize that half the year is over and you've not started your Christmas presents yet, yep, that's it, it just hit me. But, and here's the good part, Jackie and I have been sharing the duties with Stash Busters this year, one month she does a sample the next me, well, to date I have 5 samples done, which in turn means I could have 5 potential Christmas Presents, this is where I go, WAHOOOOOOO or I just need to figure out what goes to who.

I'll be working on the August Stash Busters this weekend and I'm so excited, some are okay and some are, are you ready for this, a WAHOOOO or a WOOTWOOT, I'm so into WOOTWOOT now I may be using that for awhile. Once I'm done with Stashbusters I'll share with everyone where I've found some of the greatest patterns, don't want to give to much away.

For those of you that know we sell Husqvarna Viking sewing machines. The daily question I get is which one do you own, my standard answer is all of them, heheheheh. To tell you the truth I'm really in love with the Sapphire 870 Quilt, if you've not placed you hands on one go to your closest independent dealer and ask to put your hands one. The 10 inch arm is a quilters dream. I have a gammill long arm and I still use the 870 to quilt some of my pieces. Talk about thread painting, wootwoot, it's amazing. I'll be quilting a table runner on the 870 tomorrow and hopefully finishing up cutting my August Stash Buster, o' did I mention that I'll also be working the store with just one other person, can you say "caffeine".
happy quilting

Tuesday, July 1, 2008


Yikes, how many times do I start my blog with Yikes...if you guessed a million you were right. It seems that I'm always one step behind, or two or three for that fact. I have less then a full week to get a class sample done, can't say much because it's for stash busters. Okay, where was I, right, less then a week to get a sample done, my parents are coming for a short visit, and my yard has been taken over by the weeds from hell. I often wonder how other business owners do it, run their business, keep their homes neat and clean and still have time to sleep. Maybe it's the sleep thing, maybe they don't sleep alot, maybe they're the 4 to 5 hours a night is cool for them. I'm a 8 hours a night kind of girl, less then that doesn't make for a happy girl. No kids but two dogs, so I ask where do people get their energy. Okay, I'm off to cut out the sample, then let the dogs out, straighten up the kitchen, and then off to bed.
Happy Quilting

A Dream

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