Sunday, February 23, 2014

Spice Up Your Kitchen

No doubt when you saw the title of this post you were thinking...what??? Has Kelly Ann
turned this into a food blog, a cooking blog or after seeing this picture of 
hunky Bobby Flay gone down a whole different road..

You'll be happy to know that I've not entirely gone off the deep end...yet...

Several weeks ago I received this book in the mail...

Now what most of you may not know is that I don't sew 3-D... meaning if it
doesn't lay flat, as in a quilt, table runner or wall hanging, I don't even normally
look at the pattern/book. Now in full disclosure a very sweet friend, Kim from Go-Go Kim, was one of the designers and I said I would love to review the book. 

Kitchen Stitches isn't at all what I expected. So many times you'll find a book or pattern with sewing projects for your kitchen that are..hmmm...for lack of a better word "kitschy" Leafing through I started marking projects I could see myself making, or better yet, teaching at the shop. The instructions
were clear with a lot of diagrams for support and I see several of them being taught to young ladies
learning to sew. 

Here are a few of the projects that I've bookmarked...

I love this double-handed pot holder and can see making a few of them for myself...

Loving the too hot to handle pot holders also, for the same reason I like the double-handed
pot holders...I do a lot of cooking and who wants to burn their hands.

This Tea Cozy was just to flippin cute not to love, with easy reverse applique' instructions I can
see these popping up at Christmas time for perfect gifts for that tea drinker in your life.

So there ya have it...I've admitted to liking some non-quilting items and even said I could
see myself making a few of them but if anyone has any ideas of me reviewing a garment book..
let's not go there...

Until Next Time...
Be Kind...

Kelly Ann 

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