Thursday, April 24, 2014

Who Knew?

Last year I wrote a post on my favorite new rotary cutter. I did get lots
of feedback on it from people popping into the shop wanting to know why I loved
it so much more then the old one, besides the color and quick change blade feature,
I love it because of the way it feels in my hand, and yes I really do still love it.

I never gave thought to when the rotary cutter was invented or why all the OLFA 
cutting tools had yellow handles until Debbie from Quilting Possibilities shared a
link on her shops Facebook page. I love learning about unique, quirky little
details so I was happy when I clicked over to find some fun facts about
OLFA and the tool that really changed quilting.

Invented in 1979, the same year I graduated from high school, I'm pretty
sure at the time that Yoshio Okada had no idea that he would shake up
the quilting world. And the yellow handle that we all have come to 
associate the OLFA cutter with, it was pretty easy, he wanted his
tools to be easily seen in toolboxes. 

Mr. Okada passed away in 1990 but I'm pretty sure he'd be
pleased with the new Splash Rotary Cutter and with the
direction that OLFA has gone with all it's cool new tools. 

So when you grab your rotary cutter give a quick nod to Mr. Okada for
making our lives so much easier...I know I will!

Until Next Time
Be Kind

Kelly Ann

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  1. Does the splash cutter take the exact same blades as the old yellow one?


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