Sunday, March 30, 2014

How Often Do You...

Change your sewing machine needle?

Have you ever experienced a popping noise when sewing? You know that
pop pop pop of the needle as it tries to push it's way through your fabric.
Your very dull needle is asking your machine to work double-time stabbing
your beautiful fabric over and over, shredding the fibers and hacking at the thread.
Does this sound awful?
Don't believe me?
Check out this picture...
photo courtesy

Over on the Schmetz Needle blog I came across this post and
I love what Rhonda says at the end of the post...


I change my needle after each big project or every two bobbins. I can
hear when I've waited too long to change my needle so I came up with the bobbin
rule so I don't over work my machine or damage my fabric. Needles are inexpensive, machine repair is be kind to your machine and change your needle.

Until Next Time
Be Kind

Kelly Ann

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  1. Resistance is futile! :) don't know why I don't do it more regularly. I like the two bobbin rule.


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