Sunday, December 2, 2012

16 again...

Wanna feel like you're 16 again?
Facebook has allowed me to connect to a lot of my Havelock High School peeps...
and for the last two years they have made me feel 16 again.  

Havelock is a small town in North Carolina that has a strong connection to MCAS Cherry Point.
It wasn't like we all started school together in the 1st grade and 12 years later walked
the football field to receive our diplomas.  Some came the last couple years of high school, some middle
school but that never mattered, because if you went to Havelock High School then you were
a Havelock Ram

The high school has always had a strong football program having earned the title
of State 3A Champions several times over the years.  

I moved away almost 20 years ago but now I feel like I'm back home, going to the Pep Rallys, 
Homecoming games, Alumni Night...and you know why...because yes again
the Havelock Rams are the State 3A Champions...2 years running...

So do you want to feel like you're 16 again?  Just hook up with some peeps from
high school and follow your old team and when they win you'll see
people posting and cheering, watching updates to the scores and lots of chatter
about how the team is doing.

Congratulations to the Havelock High School football team and to the community..
because if there is one thing that Havelock's their Rams...

Way to go Team...

Until Next Time
Be Kind

Kelly Ann

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  1. I've been to Havelock ~ I loved it down there! My son-in-law was stationed at Cherry Point a few years ago, and I went down and stayed for about a month with my daughter when my first granddaughter was born while Daddy was deployed. We enjoyed all of our visits there, it's a wonderful town :) Small World!


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