Tuesday, September 25, 2012


Most of y'all know I love to cook...one of the things I enjoy about cooking is the prep work,
slicing and dicing to put everything together is the part of the process that I love.  I made a big pot of soup last night and it included roasted poblano peppers. So I fire roasted the peppers over
an open flame then peeled and diced the peppers up, it's messy work and just
about the time I was done I remembered that Wegmans carried fire roasted
poblano peppers in their freezer section..and this point I would have slapped
my forehead and gone duh..but with messy hands from peeling the peppers I'm glad I didn't.

While the soup was simmering I was cutting up fabric for a shop sample and my
mind went all squirrel, which it often does, and I was thinking about precut kits
and it dawned on me...I really do like to cut out quilts.  I'd almost have to say that cutting is my favorite
part of quilting...now don't get me wrong, if I can pick up a jelly roll or charm pack I'm all 
over that but for most projects neither of those will work...so it's just me, my rotary cutter and 
any one of my favorite Creative Grids or Deb Tucker rulers.

So tell me...do you like precuts which equals shortcuts or do you like
the process of slicing and dicing your fabric...

Until Next Time
Be Kind...

Kelly Ann


  1. The cutting process..be it cooking or sewing is one of the most therapeutic things I do....love it. Just something about it that relaxes me and makes me feel like a real artist.

    janet xox
    The Empty Nest

  2. I love pre-cuts. All the measuring and cutting already done for me - I don't like to have to figure out the cuts.

  3. Can I say both? Some days I enjoy cutting and others I just want to sew. It also depends on the project. Some projects I just need to get done, hence the pre-cuts are my choice while others I want all of it to be done by me.

    That's one of the reasons I love quilting. It is adaptable to my mood! That's also why I love chocolate too.

    1. Yes Melissa..you can say both...as long as chocolate and baseball are involved..

  4. I love cutting the fabric -- it is the best part to me because of visions of what it will become:)


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