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Inside or Outside

Do you pin ... 

to the outside??



to the inside???

I'm interested to hear how you pin, I pin to the outside cause that's how I was taught but I've seen others pin to the inside ...  just wondering ... which way do you pin???

until next time
be creative
Kelly Ann


  1. I pin to the outside because I am right handed, and it is easier to pull out the pins as I come to them. And, because that was the way I was taught too!

  2. I'm also right handed and pin with the heads to the right. I also do not sew over them.

  3. Pin to the inside.....Learned that way. But my try pinning outside now. Never heard of it before or seen it. :) A new adventure...... Dawn Jolin :)

  4. Gotta pin to the outside, much easier to remove the pins as you come to them. Yes, that's the way I was taught too!

  5. Learned to pin to the inside when I was making garments in the dark ages. Sewed right over the pins. I trained myself to pin from the outside when I started quilting so I could pull the pins out as I piece.....ginger ;-)

  6. When dressmaking I p;in to the outside. When patching I pin to the inside. That seems to make it easier when sewing across a seam.

  7. Always pin to the outside I'm right handed and it makes it much easier to remove the pins when needed. But mostly I sew right over the pins. All my days of garment making taught me it's okay to sew over the pins and pretty often leaving the pins in until the seam was sewn was required.

  8. Pin to the outside. It's easier to pull out and doesn't confuse my brain. If I am doing something detailed like a Lemoyne star I will pin to the left for the starting points. I sew over the pins as well.

  9. Pin to the outside. Taught that way in Homeeconomics in the 6th grade.

  10. I was busy running my finger under the needle (yes, I actually broke a needle in my fingernail) and didn't learn how to spell it....Let's just call it - Home Ec.....:) LOL

  11. Outside and I don't sew over them either.

    janet xox

  12. Outside. I've never seen anyone pin inside. It would probably work better for someone left handed to take the pins out while they were sewing.

  13. Not sure why but, I do pin to the inside a lot and I have learned to back my pin up a bit so that I don't have to sew over it. Usually though I don't pin at all!

  14. I pin to the inside and it is so much easier for me and quicker than pinning from the outside. I run right over my pins while sewing and rarely ever break a needle. Just another one of those "to each his own" things!


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