Sunday, June 12, 2011

Sunday Morning....

Sunday morning around here is actually our Saturday, we sleep in a little, and with the girls running around downstairs, I mean a little.   If the weather isn't too hot, too cold, too wet...we sit out on the front porch with our coffee and computers, enjoying the sights and sounds of living in the country.  Watching the birds on the feeder and listening to the cardinals chirp in the woods makes for a perfect way to start the weekend.  Because our yard is surrounded by trees we have our own private oasis and except for the occasional bicyclist or car going by you can almost pretend your on your own little join us for a cup of joe, a blog list a mile long to read and life in the country...

until next time...
Be Kind...
Kelly Ann


  1. I did my very favorite thing this morning. Laid in bed with my 5yo talking and giggling. I think it is the most amazing time of my whole week.

  2. Ain't life grand??

    Janet xox

  3. Binding a quilt and thought I would check in with you - what a treat. Can't think of anything nicer then visiting with a friend in her garden/porch/yard - wonderful. Thank you!