Tuesday, June 28, 2011

Celebrating the love of Independents

As an independent business owner I get all excited when I hear of movements that recognize the importance of supporting independent business so I was super excited when I was chatting with my friend, Hilary Frye, on Facebook yesterday and she came up with the brilliant idea of starting a "Celebrate Independents Day".  And Hilary having a way with words posted about it on her blog this morning, so instead of me repeating it all go take a look at what she's cooked up...

All of this goes hand in hand with the 3/50 Project that I am behind 100% ...

The 3/50 Project supports independent, locally owned businesses by inspiring consumer loyalty to the storefronts that directly fund their communities.

Think of three businesses you'd miss if they went away. Stop in. Say hello. Pick up a little something that makes you smile. That's what keeps them around, after all.

Pick 3. Spend 50. Save your local economy.

It's difficult not to run to a big box store for your gift items or cards but look around in your town, if your town doesn't have small gift type stores, or is made up entirely of chains, remember there's a booming business on Etsy full of handmade items, and yes all of these people are independents.  So walk across the street and grab a cup of coffee from your local coffee dude, like Pablo, then pop in and see Lee at Latitudes take a quick trip to see me at Kelly Ann's Quilting ...  we will all be very thankful for your business..

And the next gift occasion that rolls around if you're not inclined to make something please be inclined to shop local..

and as always..
Thank you for your support
Be Kind...
Kelly Ann


  1. Love this! Thanks Kelly Ann...you definitely are full of spirit and value camaraderie! I'm so glad we got to talking!! Independence has a whole new meaning to me!

  2. I know we're not in church, but... AMEN!!!


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