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So I follow this blog...Houzz and one post had stylish workstations and it got me to thinking...I know alot of people have done post on their sewing, studio/room/cave (take your pick), there are so many pictures out there of organizing their stash and how they handle their rulers...but the real question..when the camera is tucked away and you're back to creating what does your work station look like?  Do they look like mine???

My sewing space does double duty with my office, so this is what it looks like in the morning as I'm having my coffee....there's receipts in front of my computer, paper in a cute little rack to the left, a basket of papers to the right and a jumble of papers right beside the computer...I do clean off my desk and then within a day it's back in this condition...I know it's messy but for some reason it works for me...but I will show you a picture when it's all neat and clean...the desk is very you might want to see it with the my stinkin' cute lamp.

Now this is my sewing side of the room...I actually have a work in progress, that's for another post.  I was sewing yesterday before work, it was time to leave so instead of putting it away then dragging it back out for today I left it...but that's almost a normal for me. It's hard to tell from this picture but I have two pin cushions, two rotary cutters, two pairs of scissors, a tape measure, lots of thread, some lickity grip and some starter & enders...I must confess...I edited this picture cause there's a big pile to the left of my machine some with projects that I don't want some people to the right of my machine is a the drawer cabinet that goes with the sewing table, it holds all my wonderful Aurifil thread and the top holds my rulers and some misc stuff that I can easily put my hands on.

So.....after seeing this mess...confess your soul to me...are you a neat sewing?  or like me not so neat??  Is your "workstation" stylish?  function?  or a door over two file cabinets?  I'm working on a new layout for my work station, one that allows me to just turn from my machine to my computer with a swing of the chair, something like what Pat Sloan has over at her Camp, check out her July 13th post... I 'll keep y'all posted on what I end up doing...but first I need to get that top done and quilted...cause it's so stinkin' cute and y'all are gonna love the pattern..

until next time....
see y'all around the Monkey Farm....
Kelly ann


  1. I don't think your space looks so bad...especially since you have to share sewing space with office space. Is it really possible to be neat, AND creative??? Not for me!

    Can't wait to see that quilt top. :-) Have a great day!


  2. Umm..yours is spotless next to my area. Love your machine as I have a Sapphire as well but I spend more time on my Topaz.

  3. In the beginning I would snip a thread and put it in the trash....very soon I found myself dropping every clipped thread and fabric scrap onto the floor, where once a week I vacuum up everything. When I am sewing there is stuff everywhere...I don't straighten up until I'm finished with a project. I always get a kick out of the super organized and tidy studios you see in art magazines.....who can create in sterile surroundings like that???? I bet if you popped in unannounced they would not look so pretty!

  4. Looks just like my workspace at home and at work. Must be us Husqvarna owners. :)

  5. Oh, Oh, is it because I own a very old Husqvarna that I make a mess al the time!? Oh, well, I bought a featherweight before Christmas and it makes a mess too.....


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