Friday, January 22, 2010

Pie Time

Saturday January 23rd is National Pie day....


Lets eat some pie...


Kelly Ann


  1. Well it's also my birthday and though I am 62 tomorrow, I have never know it is also National Pie Day! Bring it on!!! Somebody bring me a pie! Nummy!

  2. I love pie!!! I would rather have a good pie than any cake. I was in Red Truck Bakery last week and Brian must have realized I was the mayor because he gave me a free pie!!! WOOHOO!!!

  3. I am going out for pie tonight!! Funny Coinicidence!! Coconut Cream is my favorite!!

  4. Well what do you know - picked up a pie at Costco - Cherry Pie! Yum.

    Thanks for the tip on what day it is. What kind of pie are you going to have?

  5. Oh shoot! I missed it. Can we make it pie week instead of just one day?


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