Friday, January 8, 2010

Happy Birthday

Happy Birthday Elvis...

We all know that Elvis isn't around to eat cake so I propose that we all eat cake for him!

Stay Warm...
Eat Cake...'ll make them wonder what you're up to!

Kelly Ann


  1. I remember the day Elvis died. And the reason I remember is because of another classmate. She was one grade above me in school. She walked the halls all day that day crying and saying "The king is dead...the king is dead". She was his biggest fan I do believe.

  2. Shish - I was waiting for her (Kim) to figure it out..... LOL (Seriously, I do not know how help her - not a computer ificinado here...)

    Don't you love Elvis. There is a radio station that is playing Elvis music all day here in Sacramento. Forgot about it.... until I saw you picture.


  3. Yes Happy Birthday to Elvis! Very sad! Such a wonderful voice and career!

  4. So that's why all that Elvis bio stuff was on TV the other day! Happy Birthday Elvis ;-)


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