Wednesday, December 9, 2009

Meet Janet

I would like to introduce you to Janet See my Add at  RikRack Studio
Janet has an etsy site and she also has a blog
Janet is not a quilter but man can she sew and create and she does some of the
cutest paintings...I'm talking stinkin' cute! The reason I wanted to introduce Janet is because
she's one of those people that after talking with her you want to run out and help others. She has a great positive outlook on life and is funny to boot. So jump on over and take a peak at her blog and maybe even browse her etsy site, who knows you might find that perfect fun Christmas gift for that special someone in your life.....

Spread some cheer out there...a smile goes a long way...
Kelly Ann

1 comment:

  1. OMG....Kelly Ann! Just got back from SC and was feeling bad about not getting to read all my favorite blogs(yours being one) and imagine my surprise to stumble onto this! You little stinker. Thanks so much for completely making my day. Oh that you are sending people to my blog, the pressure is on to update!!!!! Thanks a lot Kelly, more work! Just teasing..I really do thank you ;-)


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