Saturday, May 16, 2009

Saturday at Quilt Market

Wanna see what we got? Take a look at this really neat Buggy Barn quilt, like it? This quilt is from their latest book, Crazy Fun-N-Games and the fabric is from Henry Glass, yep we got it all! And, the guy in the next picture is the one that sold us the book, we'll just call him Mr. Buggy Barn.

This next guy is Bob, he's our Checker Rep and a great guy to boot! Bob helped us order some fabric today...we'll think you'll want to thank him when you see it!
Do you recognize this lady? yep, you're right it's our very own local Pat Sloan. Pat is doing a demo on George, isn't she just the cutest!
And here's Karen Snyder, with yet another man named "Bob" we're really starting to wonder about her!
This is the Lizzie B booth, not to be confused with our cat Izzy B. The ladies at Lizzie B made fresh baked chocolate cookies at the hotel room the night before and treated everyone that stopped by, they also won 1st Place in the booth decorating contest.
There's more from today but I don't want to over-load everyone so stay tuned for more Saturday pictures and some Sunday pictures...tomorrow is the last day then where heading home....can't wait to see the hubby and girls.

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