Sunday, May 3, 2009

Rainy Sunday

It's been raining for days and my sewing has gotten way behind but finally had time to sit down and start on another State Fair by Miss Rosie's. This one is a shop sample using 30's reproductions and Kona Snow...see how I'm doing...

This is what our yard looks like with all the rain, aren't my bushes pretty?
Everything is so lush and green.. take a look at my shade garden. Those hosta plants really, really need to be divided. I'm thinking of continuing the bed around the other side of the fence, this is the north side of the house so very little sun which makes for very happy hosta plants.
Those green plants under the birdbath are beebalm, man are they happy or what...the hummingbirds will be very happy...
Speaking of hummingbirds, if you live in my area get those feeders out. I saw mine last weekend and got out their feeder and filled it up, I've only seen one which makes me wonder if mama is up in the nest. I know where the nest is just can't see it from the back deck, I'll try and snap some pictures of the he-man hummer, he's such a bully.

back to the machine...happy quilting and stay dry...

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  1. Yes..I have seen two hummers at my feeders. Also wanted to tell you, the other day you and I were talking about the rare sightings of the Indigo Bunting. When I got home, that evening Bill and I saw 4 of those little guys feasting on dandelion seed heads. All together in one spot....rare sighting for me and I loved it. Beautiful yard!


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