Monday, May 18, 2009

Meet some of our Market Friends

See the smiles on those faces...this picture was taken after the Schoolhouse day, we had yet to hit the market floor so our feet and legs still felt good...Here's Jackie goofing with Joyce & Phoebe from Quilting Adventures in ya think Phoebe had any idea what was going on behind her? We had gone to Station Square across the river from the city, lots of fun places to eat along the Monongahela River.

Everyone wave to Robin (she's in the middle) and her friends from the Prym Consumer Products/Omingrid booth...what a hoot these ladies are..they shared lots of fun stuff with us, some new stuff that came out at this market and guess what...yep, we ordered some of it and it's on the way...The Design wall is wicked cool, we'll have one hanging in the classroom on Wednesday so make sure you stop by and ask to see, we've ordered some and I'll let you know when they arrive, they're gonna be a must have for your studio!
Do we looked tired? Here I am with Traci from Bigfork Bay Cotton Company, y'all can thank Traci for our trunk shows...she's got more energy then any one person should have and we love it! So tell me....what do y'all think of those flower quilts hanging behind us? do ya think I should get that show also? We have two more shows coming from them but I think I'm gonna let y'all help pick out the following show, I'll post details on that contest in an upcoming newsletter.

Hopefully y'all saw my previous post about getting some patterns from a new pattern company called Swirly Girls Designs....well here are the Swirly Girls, what do ya think of their shirts, cool don't ya think? Here are Susan and Christine, I got this picture as we were following them out to their car to pick up our Focus Pocus patterns...we'll have them out on Wednesday for everyone to see and Barbara is gonna work up a sample using Valori Well's new Del Hi pattern, I'm so excited to see it done...

Karen Snyder with more men, yep, she says their names were "Bob" but now I'm really starting to doubt her.

Do ya think Jackie is ready to go home? Actually this picture was taken on Thursday night, I think she's looking into the future and that's not really a smile but a "holy crap" what have I gotten myself into...
This picture was taking along the PA Turnpike, it's not the greatest but you can see the big wind mills creating tons of clean cool are these things? I wish I could have gotten a closer picture for those of you that have never seen them...they are massive and so cool to see along the horizen...let me tell you that day there was enough wind to make those things go flippin' fast.

We're home and regrouping, tomorrow is back to work and by Wednesday we'll have all of our new stuff out for everyone to see...I'm so excited for y'all to see some of the cool stuff we were able to bring back with us and they within the next couple of weeks and months stuff will start coming in that we ordered. We've got some really cool stuff happening in the store this summer and I can't wait to share...and y'all know me...sometimes you can pull the secrets out...maybe even bribe me? can anyone say chocolate...hehehe

Later I'll post the pictures from the small quilt show that was hanging on the market floor, but until then
Happy Quilting

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  1. Dear Kelly Ann, Oh my I do look so tired in this photo!!! You look great! Thanks so much for visiting with me. I loved talking with you and can't wait to send you your next trunk show! oxoxoxox Traci


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