Thursday, May 21, 2009

Even though I didn't have to travel across time zones for this Quilt Market it sure does feel like it, man am I beat. We always hit the floor running when market arrives and don't stop when we get back, how could we, we have all this great stuff to show and tell. I think I finally got everything we brought back into the computer and out for everyone to see.
Here's the Swirly Girls display, after I took the picture I noticed the flash off the front of the pattern cover, sorry about that. Anyway you've got to see these in person, we're in the process of using two of their patterns for some kits, so stop in today and see for yourself how stinkin' cute these are.

Just like kids when you come back from a road trip the girls wanted to know what I brought them back from quilt market, see they don't really want fabric or this is what they got...we take the tops off and they love their plastic bottles, except you can see for yourself that the "rotten" one managed to get both, claiming them as her own. Don't worry we take the bottles from them because they can actually eat them, they chew and play then we recycle.

Stop in and see some of cool stuff...the design wall in the class room is up and now I can't wait for them to come in so I get buy one for my studio.


  1. Thank goodness they don't want your fabric! Looks like the bottles were the best "treat" you could have brought to them. Jennifer

  2. Please, please, please send photos of your samples for our blog! Thanks for everything,

  3. Hi Kelly Ann!

    The girls are darling! Thank-you for commenting at the Katillac Shack! Oliver Wendell has written Maggie again!

    Your studio and quilts look amazing! Love having creative friends....

    love, kelee


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