Tuesday, May 5, 2009

Dinner with T&P

This past weekend dear hubby was out of town and my dear friends knew I need to be fed a heathly meal...doesn't this look yummy. It was wonderful, very yummy. While eating the salad I kept trying to eat one of the leaves off the plate, notice the leaves and apples on the plates, well the leaves are the same color as the leaves on the salad...it was too funny.

Meet our good friends T&P...they're the best...thanks for a great meal guys...

It's still wet here, I actually think we're all gonna grow webs between our toes and instead of talking words we'll quack...
Happy Quilting....


  1. that looks like Franciscan Ware..I love it!

  2. kelly, I wasn't going to go to Pittsburgh (supposedly because I was too busy) anyway. Then my daughter pointed out that because we weren't going to Market (we always go in the Fall and hit or miss Spring) we didn't have much going on this month. I jumped at the chance to go see the grandbabies!