Thursday, May 28, 2009

Birds of a feather

Here are a few of our feathered friends that show up for their twice daily feedings... I wish I could tell you that I took these pictures but our little sweeties won't hold still long enough for me to snap and keep the girls away from the feeder at the same time, so off to Google Images to grab some great pictures. The top picture is a yellow finch, there will be times when we have seven or more birds flying around for a spot on the feeder.
Say hello to Mr. Indigo Bunting and yes he's really that blue, I was thrilled to see him back this week.
Daddy Cardinal, boy does this guy have a mouth on him and not to happy to have others on the feeder when he's ready for his meal.

Now this guy...I think he's on contract with the squirrels to knock the seed off the feeder so they get a free beware if you see him...I've taken to calling him Woody but now after finding this picture of him to call him Wildman...

Y'all enjoy the last days of spring and keep on quilting...


  1. Bill and I call the goldfinch's " the party birds" because they always come in groups and make a sound like WooHoo..WhooHoo! they sound like they are partying hard..I love it. All our babies left their nest last week, total count
    robins-2 babies
    morning dove-3 babies
    eastern bluebirds-2 boxes..7 babies
    house finch-3 babies

    So much fun watching them!

  2. check out my giveaway!!! My first one...hope I don't mess it up ;-)


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