Thursday, September 27, 2018

No Judging Here

When I opened KAQ in 2005, I was still a rookie when it came to quilting. I knew that I loved the fabric and was pretty good at helping people pull fabric together, but I enjoyed making the basic patterns that were available. My first 15 quilts were some variation of the log cabin block.
KA's first quilt
I still have my first quilt, the binding is worn, and there is a small Zele hole that happened as she nibbled on it as a puppy.

I sat down this weekend to make a shop sample, the pattern, Yellow Brick Road by Terry Atkinson. The YBR is a fun, quick pattern to make, and as I was sitting there sewing I remember the first year in the shop being excited when I made this same pattern, I also remember someone making a joke about me finishing a quilt and "anyone can make the Yellow Brick Road, it's no big deal". I'm sure I just shook it off, but it must have bothered me to remember it this many years later. 

The reason I'm telling you this story is because I want everyone to know that we don't judge at KAQ what your quilting style is, if you make 100 4-Patch quilts or 1 Dear Jane, we are okay with that. And just so you know...I will make the Yellow Brick Road again and again, and I will make other fun quilts because I want to enjoy the process of picking out the fabric, cutting the fabric and sewing the fabric because that is my passion for quilting.

Until Next Time
Be Kind

Kelly Ann


  1. Here! Here! I agree! I am making several versions of a little quilt project I designed years ago. Have had so much fun picking out the different colors so I can show others the fun of working with fabric I still have my first quilt made for my daughter in 1970. It's pretty tattered as she used it on her bed all through high school, I made repairs and she took it along to college. It now resides in a special pillow case because it is so filled with memories!

  2. Absolutely no judging! The process of picking out colors is the most fun for me for any quilt...just 4 patches or 9 patches, to a double wedding ring and anything in-between. I love making Yellow Brick Road quilts...and twice I have appliqued on top of the quilt, once falling autumn leaves, and another with snowflakes. I enjoy the process no matter what kind of quilt, though sampler quilts have become a favorite, as I don't get tired of making the same block over and over.

  3. There is so much you can do with the YBR it

  4. Guess I will look that one up! I love that I can bring anything in and get help, and not be judged.

  5. I felt that way since I mostly make rag quilts. Your staff told me that if you can coordinate fabrics and sew, you ARE a quilter.

  6. When I started quilting, everything was simple designs. Now, quilts have become "art" and have certainly left me behind. But yet, the quilts I love to make are patterns like YBR and four patch or nine patch. To me the beauty is the fabric, which should be the star of your quilt. Beautiful fabric made with a simple design is often more beautiful than plain fabric cut into intricate pieces. Shame on the person who looked down on YBR. Bravo for no judgement.

    1. YES...there is a place for everyone but there is no place for judgement!


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