Wednesday, August 29, 2018

Vacation Time

This is the first year since opening KAQ that we've taken several vacations and I'm pretty sure there is one more in our future for 2018.

We started off with our May trip to Seattle; you can go back to the May post to refresh your memory.
This trip happened on the heels of my trip to the Spring Quilt Market in Portland. Combining business with pleasure ~ perfect combo.

Next up was the June Quilters Cruise. I'm pretty sure this is when I fell off the blogging train. This again was a work/vacation combo.

In July I took a quick trip to see my mom and friends in North Carolina...I never tire of spending time with lifelong friends and my mother.

And that brings us to August ~ Andrew, and I've been planning a trip to see our friends in Bozeman for a year, and the time finally arrived. We hopped on a plane in Virginia and landed in Minneapolis Minnesota and hit the road in our rental car and within hours we landed in Sioux Falls SD...we didn't see much of Sioux Falls because after spending the night we hit the road to our first real destination, Rapid City, SD. I've heard about Rapid City for years, starting with Jackie that worked at KAQ for seven years and lately from our friend Mike.
Mural in Downtown Rapid City SD

The lobby of the Alex Johnson Hotel Rapid City SD

A bench with flowers ~ downtown Rapid City SD

Sunset Rapid City SD

Selfie in Rapid City SD

Fire & Ice ~ Alex Johnson Hotel Rapid City SD

Alley Art Rapid City SD

Touching the moon in downtown Rapid City SD

Kindness is Magic in downtown Rapid City SD

More Alley Art downtown Rapid City SD

We left Rapid City and headed to Mount Rushmore National Memorial~WOW~if you've not been add it to your bucket list and go.
George Washington as we rounded a corner

Selfie with the 4 dudes

We left there with plenty of time to head to the Crazy Horse Memorial.

Crazy Horse

Crazy Horse Model with the mountain in the background

We sure don't let grass grow under our feet when we are on the road because we left South Dakota and headed to Wyoming to see Devils Tower National Monument
Devils Tower

Does this look familiar??? Hint, it's from a movie, think mashed potatoes??? Let me know if you get it.

We left Devils Tower and headed to Buffalo Wyoming for the night.

Norris Geyser Basin ~ Yellowstone ~ dried up geyser
Bright and early we headed to Bozeman Montana via Yellowstone National Park

Barney the Bison ~ Yellowstone

Norris Geyser Basin ~ Yellowstone ~ bubbling pool

Rock formation ~ Yellowstone
Rock formation ~ Yellowstone

Norris Geyser Basin ~ Yellowstone

Okay~that's about all y'all can stand for now. We arrived in Bozeman MT on Friday afternoon.
and the story continues...

Until Next Time
Be Kind

Kelly Ann

Tuesday, August 7, 2018

Thank you

Major Award~not a leg lamp

Imagine my surprise when a group of ladies came through the doors at Kelly Ann's Quilting with a bunch of balloons and a cell phone filming to present me with the "Best Local Blogger" from the Fauquier Times. The award was from a Readers' Choice, so I was nominated by one of my followers and voted on by stinkin' cool is that?

So with that...
Used with permission from Wikimedia

Until Next Time
Be Kind

Kelly Ann

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