Saturday, February 4, 2017

I'm baaaccccckkkkkkk....

Did y'all miss me???

This past week flew the end of each day I was determined to blog but the reality was I went back to my room, changed in to my jammies, checked in on FB to see what was happening and promptly dozed off.

50 Local Shop Owners in one much excitement, sewing, networking and LOTS AND LOTS of laughing. We were treated to some pretty awesome projects and many of us will be introducing these in to our shops in the future. New notions, Creative Grids Rulers, fabric and there were daily gifts, just like with Oprah, except no free cars.

Here we are after a morning meeting and as we were wrapping things up on Thursday everyone laid out the projects they were working on...what an honor it was to be surrounded by such talent.

I can't wait to reveal some of the fun new projects I have my up sleeve...

Until Next Time

Be Kind

Kelly Ann

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