Sunday, January 1, 2017

Year in Review

Here's a look back on 2016...

Fuzzy was my mothers kitty...he left us this year and left a big hole in my mamas heart. 

The start of a great relationship with this bike in our front window..we've spent lots of fun times decorating this old beach bike.

My blue chair...the newest addition to my flower garden

The bookbag drive for Fauquier FISH was a HUGE success wth the help of lots of KAQ peeps.

Fun times...always at KAQ

Fun times with some friends as we prepare to take to the high seas for a cruising vacation

Spring Quilt Market in Salt Lake City...isn't Gail Pan so #stinkincute?

We are always #Misbeehaven at KAQ

These two pups fill our home with love and laughter

2016 found us introducing more wool to the shop

My WORD for 2017..with all the madness going around the world I felt this one word would be my mission to spread throughout 2017 and beyond.

So there you have it...some pictures make you smile..some shed a tear...but by looking back we can always look forward and learn and grow.

Until Next Time

Be Kind

Kelly Ann

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