Thursday, December 29, 2016

Throwback Thursday

I was going through pictures tonight and came across one of me with my mother and brothers...

I'm guessing I was 3 or 4...this picture was taken in front of my great grandparents home...see that window behind us? My great-grandmother, Big Mama, had these little miniature ceramic animals.

picture courtesy Pinterest

Like these elephants her window was lined with all kinds of animals tethered together with a little chain...I think of them often and wonder what happened to them after my great-grandfather, Big Daddy, passed away. 

Isn't it funny how these memories pop up in our minds? 

So there you have Throwback Thursday...maybe the next time I do one I'll find one of my old quilts to see how far back for Throwback Thursday it goes.

Until Next Time

Be Kind

Kelly Ann

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