Sunday, August 4, 2013

August has arrived..

Summer is flying by and August being traditionally one of the 
hottest months of the summer here in Virginia front porch sitting
is normally reserved for late afternoon and early evening with the
ceiling fans on full speed and plenty of bug spray to keep the mosquitoes at bay.
But this summer morning I'm sitting on the front porch with a light jacket on to keep
the chill off my arms. 

I'm sitting less then 10 feet 
from our hummingbird feeder and am enjoying the antics of the three or four hummers dive-bombing
the feeder, these little guys crack me up. The crows along with the bluejays are making a ruckus
in the trees and the gold finches, or as Janet from The Empty Nest calls them, party birds, 
are having a field day on the feeders. The butterfly bushes are covered in the Virginia butterfly 
Tiger Swallowtail. 

While the summer does appear to be flying by I think I'll take a few more
minutes to sit and enjoy this rare cool summer mornin'...

Until next time...
Be Kind...

Kelly Ann

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