Sunday, July 14, 2013

Quilts of Honor

This past February Gail Belmont from Quilts of Honor came to Kelly Ann's Quilting to
talk to a group of quilters about the mission of Quilts of Honor.

The mission of Quilts of Honor is to bestow a universal symbol and token of thanks, solace and
remembrance to those who serve in harm's way to protect and defend our lives and freedoms.

Gail chatted about an upcoming quilt show that was going to be held in October of 2013

While here in February, Gail designated Kelly Ann's Quilting as the home for Quilts of Honor East. Since that day quilters have been busy making quilts for the show and for our future presentations.

On Friday July 12th I was able to participate in my first presentation of a quilt to one of
our Wounded Warriors. Angie arranged with the Marine's wife to at meet at the Marine Corps Museum
at 6:30. We arrived early to find an event breaking up. Lots of military personnel in uniforms were leaving and with luck we spotted a Marine Officer who was willing to stay and participate in
the presentation of the quilt. What we didn't know when Angie asked the officer to
give us a hand is that he was Lt. General George Flynn and was just about the nicest guy, hanging and
chatting with us while we waited for our honoree to arrive. When GySgt Travis Green arrived General Flynn turned all of the focus on him.

While Angie read the presentation letter I held back tears along with the quilt firmly in my arms..
 presenting the quilt and showing GySgt Green the quilt label listing all
the quilters involved in making his quilt happen.

The presentation of the quilt opened with lots of smiles and ooohhhs and aaaahhhs.

GySgt Green and his youngest daughter, pretty sure he could call her
mini-me, this little girl loves her daddy.

While chatting with Julie Green about their future and where they were moving,
she explained that they would be building a house with the assistance of the 
Gary Sinise Foundation and Tunnels to Towers Foundation. We were so happy that we were
able to present this quilt as GySgt Green retires from the USMC this month
and will be moving his family out of town.

On a personal note, this was a very humbling experience and my father was ever present 
in my mind as we thanked this young marine and his family for the sacrifices they
made for our country.

So on that note..

Kelly Ann

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