Monday, September 24, 2012

Bucket list...

Do you have a bucket list going?  is it growing or are you checking things off?
I never thought about actually writing down a bucket list, there are things I want to do
and places I want to see but to actually start a list, I've never thought to do that.  For one thing
I'd be adding things to my list then scratching them off because I changed my mind or whatever it was I did something similar.  So...if I did start a bucket list it would look something like this...

Spin raw wool into something beautiful
Throw Pottery
Play a musical instrument 
Learn the ins and outs of photography
See the Northern Lights
Visit Alaska and see all the cool stuff there
See wild horses on Assateague
Take a hot air balloon ride

see...I've already starting checking things off...
There are a ton more things I'd like to do and see 
and like I said, I'll add to this list and scratch things off but
at least it's a start...
what's on your bucket list? 

Until Next Time...
Be Kind...

Kelly Ann

1 comment:

  1. Had the opportunity to check one off a few years ago that was on the list for 17 years. Went sky-diving and would go again!


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