Tuesday, September 20, 2011

What was I thinking...

I slid my camera card into the side of my computer and was surprised when I came across these pictures.
With this picture I know that I love these old canister sets and always snap a picture when I see them.
This was a no brainer, a Mini-Singer, who wouldn't love to have this but at $120 I thought I would pass. The wheel did turn and the needle went up and down but I'm pretty sure it wouldn't sew a stitch today.

and then we have these two pictures...what was I thinking?  I remember seeing the red boots and thinking how cool they were but the shiny short boots...not a clue.

Do you ever take pictures and not remember why?  please tell me I'm not alone with this...
until next time...
Be Kind...
Kelly Ann


  1. Yeah...I think you're alone.....sad isn't it?


    Janet xox

  2. Go Go dancing days?
    It's our age.
    My most embarrassing moment was when I swore I didn't have opal earrings and my husband swore I did because he bought them. I swore he was crazy and opened my cabinet to prove it and there they were.