Saturday, December 4, 2010

One Year Ago

One year ago this weekend this is what was happening in our area...
27 inches with this storm...

 Washington DC was in total shut-down and while the traffic is always bad in DC it's not this bad where people resort to walking sticks.
and life was no picnic...just sayin'...

We woke that morning to light flurries, no big deal, it was a Saturday so we got up and out to open the store, it was the day for the annual Christmas parade and parking is a premium.  We're watching the snow fall, and fall, and fall, by noon the parade had been called off and we made the decision to please...keep your fingers crossed that we don't get snow like this for a very long time and that the parade goes off without a hitch today.

Until next time...
Stay Warm...
be safe out there....
Kelly Ann


  1. did I work that weekend with you? I can't remember but it sounds so familiar! Laurie :)

  2. Would love to see that again sometime so that I get to stay in and sew. I live in SE PA and we saw some doozies last year too. Can't wait!

  3. Wow. That was a year ago this weekend? Wow! It seems so long ago. I don't mind the snow. It at least covers up the tons of leaves poor hubby is still out trying to blow, mulch, pick up and move around.

    Of course, they ARE predicting some lite flurries tonight. Ya never know what we might wake up to tomorrow! LOL J/K.


  4. A friend of mine moved to your area this time last year from El Paso, Texas where she had lived her whole life. Her husband is a state trooper and had received a promotion. She loved it at first and then well---she was like that e-mail that went around for awhile--but the end she was "Shoving" snow and threatening to head home to mom!!
    I'm not sure if you saw it on my Odd blog--but one our most treasured gifts is a quilt a friend made of my husbands t-shirts after he died 15 months ago. My friend claims its technically imperfect but made with 100% of her love. We love and use it all the time.

    ~★~♥ ~♥~★~


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