Thursday, October 7, 2010

Quilting helpers

When I sit down to sew this is what I find under my feet, behind my chair, or beside my chair but it's a sure guarantee that they will both be right there with me.  Zele will often take a paw and lay it on my free foot but there have been times when she wants to "help" me push the foot pedal...not a good thing when you're trying to keep an accurate 1/4" seam.  Stella is happy to either lay beside me or put her head on my lap.  Sometimes it's a challenge having to crawl over one of them to iron or cut but I wouldn't trade it for all the tea in China.  Guess who else wants to be in on the action...
you'll notice she even has her own quilt to lay on.  The minute she hears the sewing machine she starts meowing to be picked up and brought downstairs.  So while I enjoying sewing solo I'm never really alone...I have the three girls hanging with I guess you can say I have three quilting helpers...So tell you have helpers in your sewing space?

Have a grand day...and pet something'll do wonders and put a smile on your face...
Kelly Ann

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  1. Makes me miss my Katie and Whisper ;-(

    Janet xox


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