Friday, October 8, 2010

Life in a small town

Yesterday started out like any early fall day, or as a matter of fact any day in the life of a quilt shop to work I I drive down the country lanes to get to the big city of Warrenton (insert laugh here) I pass the Fauquier Springs Country Club.  Yesterday morning the clubs road was lined with rather large American flags (nope didn't get a picture), in my mind that could only mean one thing...the wounded warriors were coming to town.  As I got closer to town I knew it was the day, people were walking towards old town with their little American flags to wave and dogs in red/white/blue scarves.  So...I open the store, turn on the lights, the promptly lock the door behind me and walk the 20 paces up to the corner to stand and welcome this great bunch of guys/gals to our little town.  Keeping an eye on the store I see our first customer of the day, Rose, "hey Rose, come join us on the street corner", then the second customer, Eve, showed up, then Astrid...before the guys had arrived we could have had our own parade from KAQ.   I snapped some pictures and thought you might want to take a peak into what small town living is like...
Lt. Nook

Kids from the pre-school

Lt Nook, Eve & rose
GHB Gang
Cops leading the way

lots of cops

we love our Cops

Finally the bus...

Main Street was lined, people came out of the business', mothers came to town with the youngins in tow, we had people pull their cars over and get out...and as you can see we didn't stay on the sidewalk, nope we walked right out in the road and waved and could see the guys waving inside the bus.  While it was just a small little parade that consisted of a bunch of motorcycle cops and a bus, and on that bus were a group of soldiers that deserved so much more then a simple wave from a small town but that's what we had and we were happy to do it...
and in case you were wondering...
there were more then a few tears shed as the bus drove down Main Street...
Kelly Ann


  1. Wiping my eyes, even as I type. What a warm and beautiful gesture from your town to their hearts.


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