Tuesday, October 5, 2010


Do you Breakfast?  Does it look like this?
or like this...

or more like this...

I'm not a breakfast kind of girl...I enjoy a good cup of coffee first thing while I sit and read up on what happened over night, and while I don't have anyone to do pretty coffee art in my cup each morning it doesn't matter...I still enjoy a good hot cup of joe.  After I've had my shower then I do eat some sort of breakfast but I'm not really a breakfast kind of girl, give me an oat-bar some natural peanut butter and I'm a happy gal.  I do enjoy a good piece of bacon but save that for a special treat and grew up on sausage gravy and biscuts...but even though I enjoy both of those very "healthy" breakfast foods...LOL...I don't really eat them. 

So tell me...what do you have for breakfast each morning?
Have a great day...and enjoy a good cup of joe...
Kelly Ann


  1. I have whole grain bread with Simply Jiff on it, and a nice big cup of hot decaf tea.

  2. O, and occasionally, we'll have the "big breakfast" with fried potatoes, bacon or sausage, eggs with cheese, toast.

  3. Good Morning Kelly Ann Sweetie...
    Such a cute post this morning. I love that first breakfast, dreaming right? Not much of a cheerio fan either, and I don't drink coffee.

    I am usually running out the door with briefcase in hand, orange juice and keys in the other, and a package of pop tarts in my briefcase. That will work for me. Sometimes I grab a bagel. Whatever is on the cabinet, it goes in the brief case.

    Hope you have a beautiful day sweet friend. Country hugs and much love, Sherry

  4. I have never been much of a breakfast eater. But I like brunch :-)

  5. I have fibre one blueberry poptarts or weight control oatmeal. AND lots lots lots of coffee.

    I only eat like the 1st photo when my son-in-law cooks ... he's a wonderful cook.

  6. First thing before anything...COFFEE! Then I adore hot cereals or a toasty whole wheat Eggo with peanut butter and a drizzle of honey...YUM!

    Janet xox

  7. too funny:) we were thinking alike this morning. i usually do not have whip cream and such although it was delicious.


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