Friday, September 24, 2010


Do you have a....
Bucket list?

I never thought about making a bucket list...but the more I read and discover out there in big world wide web I find more things I'd like to the top of my head I'd like to...  learn to spin and weave and the reason behind this is because I follow way too many fiber blogs.  I want to rug hook..again because I follow way too many hooker blogs.  I know those are only two things but I'll start my bucket list off slowly and build from there...
so tell me....what's on your bucket list??  really....I wanna know...who knows maybe I'll borrow something from your list..
until I see you again...
Kelly Ann


  1. I agree - Bucket Lists are a great idea! My own list was compiled last year & 4 items have all ready been accomplished...'course I could now add a dozen more too LOL.
    Have a great weekend.

  2. A fun thing to do is make a Bucket List with your significant other. For Birthdays or Christmas, I'll grab my husband's list and see if maybe we can cross something off together. I surprised him with sky diving for his birthday because it was on both our lists! It works both ways too, he can grab your list too!

  3. One of my bucket list items is to be able to free motion quilt on my machine at home - WITHOUT going thru an entire package of needles and still not getting anywhere!!! I will accomplish this

  4. Laurie, speed up. You are going too slow.

    I would love to learn how to hook rugs.
    I want to go to Europe.
    I want to know what it's like to be thin again.
    I want to see batiks being made in Bali.
    I want to see how needles are made.
    I want to sit at the Cafe de la Paix like my father once did.

    That's good for now.

  5. To view a Mammatus cloud formation !! Awesome!!!!

    Janet xox


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