Friday, August 6, 2010

Follow-Up from Wordless Wednesday part 2

Okay...I'm back and as promised here's the rest of the Leinenkugals story...  So after a wonderful brunch, with bacon, made by the wonderful Jason, Terry loaded up a few of us in her vehicle

and drove over to Chippewa Falls Wisconson to visit the Leinenkugel Brewery or as they say in Wisconsin...Leinie's...First we had a little history tour presented by sisters, twins to be exact,

around the grounds...

 then off to see how the beer is made...sorry to say no pictures of the inside...they've been keeping their beer making a secret since 1867 and they sure aren't gonna let this bunch
in on how they do it...would you???   And if you're wondering about this picture...well...they say...
"it's all about Kelly"...but if you notice who's sitting in the comfy chairs and who's on the floor...just sayin'.....

Hopefully now you know where the picture from Wordless Wednesday came's Summer Sausage from the Leinenkugel Brewery and it was too fun not to take a picture of.

I'll be sharing some fun news from this retreat next week on the stay turned and maybe you can be one of the Groovy Girls...

see y'all around the Monkey Farm...
Kelly Ann


  1. Love your pictures of the brick buildings.

  2. Sounds like you had fun. When my niece was little, she thought her mom and dad were drinkin' Lions & Cougars Beer!!

  3. I want to be a groovy girl!


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