Thursday, May 20, 2010

Wednesday of Quilt Market

Howdy from Minneapolis Minnesota... do they say howdy here...well guess they do now.  Today was a fun pack day of Schoolhouse, a series of small presentations put on by the professional stars of our industry...and the stars were out in full glory.  Each year when Jackie and I go to Market we do a "celebrity" sighting...well this year is no different...and for all your celebrity stars out there don't worry if you don't see your name in this post because there are several more days to make an appearance on this here here goes....Pat Sloan...all your Virginians wave to Pat....there was Alex from Aurifil and all you ladies at Kelly Ann's know what big fans of Alex we are, we saw Alex Anderson & Ricky Tims hanging together, Mark Lipinski was walking with some peeps down the street, Jo Morton...y'all know her from our Crimson & Clover Anover line,  Liz & Beth from Lizzie B those two chicks are so stinkin' funny, Susan & Christine from Swirly Girls Fame...y'all remember them from their trunk show,  all of the ladies from the Minnesota Road Show Terry Atikinson, Debbie Bowles, Linda Hohag, Heather Mulder-Peterson ...those ladies have joined together to put on the coolest trunk show and without giving away too many surprises but we might be taking a "road trip" in March...but I'm not handing out promises.

We're in need of some much needed we're gonna sign off for today but make sure you stop back by tomorrow cause we promise more pictures and fun stories to tell...

see y'all later
(Kelly Ann & Jackie)

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  1. Oh, Lindy and Shirley (Gran) were at the Schoolhouse today too! But I talked to Shirley tonight and she didn't say she'd met you, so I guess you still haven't hooked up. It sounds like you're having a great time though! Wish I was there--boo hoo!


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