Friday, May 28, 2010

Gonna be a crazy day

Okay while we won't have any bulls in the store and I don't think there will be alot of men running towards the doors I do think we're gonna be doing some running around for the next few days.  Today starts our Finish the End of the Bolt Sale....25% off if you finish the bolt.  Now if you've been in the store lately you've learned a new word, boltage, and yes it's a new word, well it will be as soon as I contact those nice people at Websters and do some explaining.  We need to get rid of some boltage cause we have lots of new boltage to bring out.  This kind of sale is perfect for backings, borders and charity quilts.  No bolt is too small or too large, you finish it you get the stinkin' simple is that. 

Okay gotta run...the bulls are charging the doors....
Kelly Ann


  1. I love the concept. I hope you get rid of a lot of boltage this weekend:)


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