Tuesday, February 2, 2010

Red Sky

“Red sky at night, sailor’s delight. Red sky in morning, sailor’s warning”

This picture was taken at 7:00am this morning...and yes we're do to get hit with another snow storm tonight but this one will only give us 1-3 inches...the storm coming Friday into Saturday is suppose to be a big one...gotta wonder how red Friday mornings sky will be...

While everyone is out stocking up on bread, milk and toilet paper, run don't walk to your local quilt shop and stock up because old man winter is not going to let up...nope, not one little bit. And by the way...just heard that that rodent in PA saw his shadow...6 more weeks of winter, dang I could have told them that without having to stick my hand in a hole and pull out a over-sized rat...just sayin'. Can ya tell I'm tired of winter???

Stay warm...
keep a project at hand...
stock up on bread/milk/tp...

Kelly Ann


  1. So sorry for you all. I'm in Florida and I'M tired of all this cold too.

  2. Just got home from NY just in time for more snow!!!!

  3. Very fun post! Here on the north west coast, we are enjoying a mild winter but have read about the rest of the country and all the snow! So sorry! Yes, great idea, hit the quilt store quick~


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