Wednesday, February 10, 2010

Not a weather Post...

Even though I could I'm not going to post about the weather and I do have more pictures to show from the latest storm but that's got to wait because I have a very important question...What do y'all listen to when quilting? Normally when I'm sewing I have my ipod going in shuffle mode but today, being home because of the weather, and Andrew downstairs on the treadmill I decided to listen to Pat Sloans radio show...OMG...if you've not listen to it, pop over there and have a listen...wait, wait...don't go right this minute, I meant after I was done typing...focus! So here I was squaring up my scrappy strip blocks and who did Pat have on the episode I was listening to, no other then the scrap queen herself, Bonnie Hunter from .... wait to click on that link I'm not done yet... one of my least favorite things to do in quilting is squaring up blocks, I do it but that doesn't mean I have to like it...well I want you to know that in the 56 minutes that Pat & Bonnie were chatting I got all of my blocks squared up and ready to be put into let me just do a big WOOT WOOT for that. The time flew by and while I was paying attention to what I was doing I was also listening to two fun quilters have a friendly chat, and if you listen to Pat's show live you can even call cool is that.

Okay, I'm gonna sign off here and work on getting my rows put you can now go play and click on the won't be disappointed...
see ya soon
Kelly Ann


  1. I have no clue who these two ladies are, but I am so happy they helped you get your quilting done ;-) Was hoping to bring you a pie sample...but more snow has put a hitch in my get along ;-) I guess you will have to wait till friday.

  2. Wow Kelly Ann, thanks for the shout out. I have not listened to the show, mostly because time is an element. But I like your idea of listening while working on a project. I don't usually listen to anything while I work. But this might be a good way to gather information. Thanks.


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