Sunday, February 21, 2010

Finally...a quilt posting

Did you ever think you were gonna see another quilt related posting? Okay, so technically these aren't quilts but they are quilty stuff. On the 3rd Thursday and 3rd Saturday of each month we have our Thimbleberries Club meetings and what fun we have. So each year we challenge the club members in making a name tag to wear throughout the year, not everyone finished theirs but here are the ones that showed up this past if you don't think I had blast taking these pictures...remember they are name tags and y'all know where we wear name tags...just sayin'....

Along with all of the laughing that went into taking these pictures we have food...and I'm just gonna say that I have now had the best homemade scones EVER!!!! Eleanor made maple scones that were to die for. We had brownies and sugar cookies along with the scones on Thursday then on Saturday Kim treated us to cheese and sausage muffins...OMG...yes they were as good as they sound, to top off Saturdays treats we had Girl Scout cookies from Liz.

I'm collecting pictures of the finished quilts from the 2009 Thimbleberries club and we'll be posting those on the stores website. BTW...have you ever gone to the stores website and taken a look at the online quilt show? We've been taking pictures since opening in 2005 of our customers show and tell and let me just put this out there...we have some very talented friends at Kelly Ann's Quilting.

Today is a stay at home day, the girls had a bath, the laundry is going, I'm gonna start a pot of sauce and sew....yes I promise some pictures maybe as soon as tomorrow.

Stay warm..
stay happy...
Kelly Ann


  1. a pot of sauce....did someone say a pot of sauce!!!!

  2. Those Thimbleberries name tags are adorable. I am also in Thimbleberries and we made name tags too but they are all the same, with our names on them. I will post a pic too. Very cute. Sounds like you had enough food for the get together. We also have food, usually cookies, etc. It is a fun group and this is my second year in Thimbleberries. I love it! Am working on getting my 2009 quilt put together.


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